Samsung Announces a New 7-inch Galaxy Tab, but Why?


Samsung’s never been one to hold back on new phones and tablets, but even so, the newly-announced Galaxy Tab 2 is a puzzler.

In terms of tech specs, the tablet is nearly identical to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, which launched last year. Like the Plus, the Tab 2 has a 7-inch, 1024-by-600 resolution display, a dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and cameras in front and back. Last year’s Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus actually has a faster processor (1.2 GHz instead of 1 GHz), and better front-facing camera (2-megapixels instead of VGA).

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Samsung is talking up the Galaxy Tab 2 as its first tablet running Android 4.0, known as Ice Cream Sandwich, but keep in mind that the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is getting an upgrade to ICS this year. And although ICS has some cool features…

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